About Ripac Real Estate

Ripac is a boutique real estate agency in Romania founded in 2014 but with an experience of over 20 years on the market through its team members. Ripac Real Estate is not the biggest but wants to be recognized as one of the most trustful real estate agency in the country.

Ripac builds its relationships only through trust and expertise. We are working with people, not with properties. The right people choose the right properties through the right agents.

We have a small, creative, very strong and focused team for our clients. We take personally each requirement and we offer support in our clients decisions.

Closing real estate deals of over 1,000,000 Euro in Romania. We make a deal only if we believe in it and when we are 100% sure that all of the parties are winning out of it.

Our values

Our values represent and follow us through every and all of our deals.
Respect: We offer and we ask for it to all of our partners.
Integrity: No matter how big it is, if the integrity is not fulfilled, we are not making the deal.
Passion: Without it you cannot do real estate. At least not for a long and sustained period.
Attitude: It has a very big percentage in driving towards success.
Courage: “If you want something you’ve never had, You must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” (Thomas Jefferson)

Our services

Landlord representation

Market analysis

Tenant representation


Buyer representation

Best use analysis (Strategic Planning)

What else we provide?

Market knowledge at a high level

Dedicated consultancy to specific inquiries

Our opinion on different type of properties for free